Top 5 Small Cars

After doing a bit of research I’ve found Australia’s top 5 small cars. For the budget conscious and those with out families, read on to see what’s out there and why they are the best on the road. Remember at Pierre Finance we can help you on your way to affording one of these economic stars just a phone call away.

Volkswagon Golf 118 TSI

It’s no surprise that the Golf is up there among the best. This 5 door 5 seater hatch is an excellent runner. It has a spacious interior and also has a decent off road grip.  The engine’s are variant but I liked the Turbo 1.4 MPFI for economic purposes with out loosing the speed and comfort. If you like a car that handles like a dream, looks good and will go the distance this is it. The crash safety rating is 5 stars and the green 4.5. Brand new these retail at around $28,000.

Peugeot 308 Access

This compact 5 door has an unusual large boot, so great if you are a golfer or love getting away from it all. The interior has a classy feel and is really comfortable. The 18 inch wheels give it a sporty edge yet the drive is not as smooth as the Golf and the transmission through the gear change feels a bit delayed. The front interior doesn’t offer up much space either. However for a 1.2l Turbo MPFI it’s not retailing bad at $17,000 to $20,000. The top end of this car is it has 5 stars for it’s crash rating and it’s green score.

Mazda 3

For those who prefer an automatic this 5 seater Mazda is a superstar. This 2l engine offers a buzzy ride and is economic on long runs. A nice interior and a cool looking exterior is ideal for those wanting that little bit more from a small car. I like the tinted windows and the built in sat nav. Just those little extra’s that can make a difference. This car has 5 stars for crash safety and a 4.5 star green rating. Priced from $20,000 to $24,000 depending which model or dealer.

Hyundai i 130

Great value automatic 5 door hatchback with a 1.8l engine giving it a nippy ride. It has really comfortable seats, a generous boot has 4.5 green stars and a 5 star safety rating. Excellent value at around $17,000 and attractive to those who want a decent looking new car that is great value all round.

Toyota Corolla

This 5 star rated green car and also 5 star crash safety score gives it an edge like the Peugeot. It has a nice interior and is comfortable to drive. The drawback is a small boot, but it is a really economical manual geared car. The engine might not be as sharp as the Golf Or Mazda, but it’s very sufficient for the price, at around $17,000.

So that’s the cream of the crop for your small car choices in Australia. As stated above we can help with all your financial needs, just call our friendly team for any advice.

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