Revamp your Outdoors for Summer

Revamp your outdoors for summer and at the same time add value to your home. If your inside space is limited then designing your backyard could be the clever way to add to your lifestyle, extend your home and most important make it more appealing. By simply laying down decking or a patio and creating a sunroom you already have another room. Your backyard could hold all the potential to increasing the value of your home and your day to day living. Is your backyard looking a little tired, but you don’t have much spare cash? At Pierre Finance we can arrange a very competitive loan to suit your budget, so you can have your backyard looking fabulous in time for summer.

The first thing to do is re-organise it. look at how the uses need to be divided. For example a storage area for gardening equipment, a purposeful place for drying your clothes, a kids play area, and most important the sun spots, shady spots for relaxing on those loungers. The best thing to do is draw a draft of what you want. Take into consideration where plants and trees are, so you may need an experts advice in the beginning.

So, now we come to whether to lawn or to not! They do get neglected especially when there’s a water shortage. They do take some time to maintain and can look unattractive if over dry or overgrown You may be better off having a patio, or deck with decorative stones and maybe concentrate more on some flower and shrub beds or decorative pots.

Here comes the fun bit. Instead of just creating a random hectic area, why not give it a theme. You may be into retro, Asian, tropical, cottage, or even nautical. Your plants, furniture and garden ornaments like statues, lighting, and soft furnishings need to represent it. You could however continue with your indoor style and simply extend it outdoors. If you give it a theme it has a purpose.

Finally shade is an important element as it’s no fun sitting in 30 degrees of heat trying to relax or entertain. Umbrella’s are the cheapest option but to create a proper sense of an extra room you really need to invest in an awning or shade sails. Not only do they look good they also do the job. Finish off your outdoor haven with anti mosquito candles like the popular citronella, and also lemongrass looks nice and you can plant it in pots, so it won’t take up too much space. Hanging candles from tress and shrubbery can add instant atmosphere, and of course the people. Enjoy!

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