Solar technology has come a long way, and it’s great for the environment, but did you know it can also cut years off your mortgage. This can be hard to believe, but numbers do not lie. How is it possible?

How can installing a smart solar system help to pay off your mortgage sooner, significantly reduce your power bill, future proof against power price rises and help save the planet?

It’s all based on simple maths (it’s not simple, unless you have a scientific calculator, and have a doctorate in mathematics), but we can show you how the savings will work for you.

A premium solar system, with enforceable 25-year warranty, guaranteed power performance can provide guaranteed savings over 10 years of around $13,500. Imagine diverting the savings made in electricity bills, to your mortgage, investment property, or any other worthwhile cause.

Today’s modern premium systems provide significant savings and add capital value to your property. Savings can vary dependent on usage, system design, system size, any shading issues and minimum performance guarantees.