Pool Dreams a Reality

Whatever your reason for wanting a pool at Pierre Finance we can bring your pool dreams a reality. Firstly we can discuss and evaluate your reasons. Is it for fitness, for fun, just to cool down in the evil Australian sun or even to have friends and family around for pool parties? Remember a pool can add great value to your property, so done carefully and thoughtfully can be an investment.

It is also important to check installation guidelines for your property and area so there are no legal factors. This can effect the size, shape and extras you may want fitted like whirl pools, slides and sun bathing area.

Choosing your pool!

An above the ground is the least expensive and easiest to construct. It is also easy to move or take out. Don’t have an ugly image in your mind as they can work well with great landscaping that can include decking done in a clever way to make it look more like an in-ground one. Prices can be anything from $3000 up to $8000 with the filters, electrics and landscaping on top. These pools can last around 25 years and a decent lining around 15.

In-ground fibreglass pools are more durable and can be moulded easier into the shape and size your require. It’s surface is smooth so it’s produced at the manufacturers site into one piece. The pool itself is around $25,000 not including electrics, filtration, fencing and surrounding landscape. An advantage of fiberglass is that it’s algae resistant.

The most expensive pools are custom made concrete designs. Tiling is the most expensive, but a glass bead or pebble interior can bring the price down a bit. the pebbles and glass are smoothed on with plaster and then blasted to reveal an even smoother surface. Glass and tiles come in a variety of colour choices to work with your landscape and surroundings. Tiles are more expensive only because of labour costs. You need to budget over $50,000 for a concrete pool.

Whatever you choose remember to think about any labour costs, water usage, chemicals, pumps and other equipment needed. There are some solar powered pool systems around which could save in the long run. But a warning to be covered for an drought periods.

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