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Personal Loan Guide

Whatever the reason for a personal loan, our guide below will help you make the right decisions. At Pierre Finance our team are there to guide you and make the loan work for you regardless of your budget. Whether you need help with your big day, a trip of a lifetime, or simply to consolidate debt then we have the knowledge to make it happen with out any stress involved.

A lot of the big banks set financial gain traps, so I’m writing this to help you navigate our personal loan world. I have collated the best information form our top financial team.

The Pro’s!

The first pro is that once you have been approved you can put your loan to whatever use you needed it for and turn your dream into the real thing.

A personal loan works out less expensive than using a credit card. The RBA states that the average credit card rate is a whopping 19.75%pa. Imagine if you can only afford to pay the minimum amount then it could take somewhere like 45 years to pay off just $5000. Obviously this is subject to change depending on interest rates. Personal Loan interest rates are around 10% less.

If you are looking to manage your finances and consolidate debts then a personal loan is the way forward.

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At Pierre finance we take away the strain and do a loan comparison of the market for you. We only ever offer the best option for you and your financial situation. We always take into consideration a clear understanding of what you can afford to borrow with regards to repayments.

We won’t let any of our clients stretch themselves. This is where we pride ourselves, and have gained the trust of so many clients from personal loans to high flying businesses. The big banks and famous credit companies may be tempting, but as a smaller individual company we can offer competitive rates as well as a lower application fees overall. We don’t have the big overheads, so we can afford to be more considerate financially to our clients.

Call or email us for a free quotation and let us make a difference to your dreams or financial situation.

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