Mustang Madness

Australia has gone Mustang madness as the new Ford Mustang is revealed to be imported for the first time in years. Six months prior to its actual launch date Mustang enthusiasts have put down over 2000 deposits, with the V8 GT models being the most popular. As soon as Ford made the announcement the phones in the phones in the importers office ‘The Blue Oval Brand’ went crazy. Some even put down deposits of $600 before the specifications were released.

The models coming over are the EcoBoost 4 Cylinder Turbo Fastback at $44,990, the V8 at $54,990 and the convertibles will be around $6500 more. As well as in America the V8 5 Litre GT Fastback auto holds around 42% of the orders. But a spokesman for Ford said in time that will probably change. Ford seems to think that the EcoBoost model will remain a strong seller over a period of time.

True Mustang enthusiasts have ordered more than one and one sports car rental company has ordered 20. Members of various Mustang clubs are placing deposits on a few models, so they don’t miss out. Race Red seems to be the popular choice with black and magnetic coming close. All the models will have the standard performance pack which includes a K Brace that sits under the hood and secures the strut towers to the bulkhead, a larger sway bar on the heavy front springs on the FastBack and unique classic Mustang tuning. All models will have a rear limited slip differential. Pricing and Models

2015 Ford Mustang pricing (plus on-road costs):

  • EcoBoost Fastback manual – $44,990
  • EcoBoost Fastback auto – $47,490
  • EcoBoost Convertible auto – $53,990
  • V8 Fastback manual – $54,990
  • V8 Fastback auto – $57,490
  • V8 Convertible auto – $63,990

Quick review by Jez Spinks (Car Advice)

Crucially, the famous American muscle car will be more attainable than ever before as a result of the One Ford approach that has made the new, sixth-generation model a global rather than US-only model – also factory-built in right-hand drive. Read more here
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