Melbourne City

Melbourne is on the Top Spot

Melbourne is on the top spot for living as out of 140 cities worldwide it has been renamed the worlds best city to live in. It was an almost perfect score according to the Economist Intelligence Unit Global Liveability Index. The score was an impressive 97.5% only just beating Vienna by a mere 0.1%. Adelaide was also up there in 5th with a 96.6% result.

It’s no surprise that Melbourne is in the top spot with its great restaurant and bar scene, the hip lanes areas, the abundance of art and culture, and it is chosen to host major sports and other important events. The booming property market has also helped it’s popularity as more and more people want to call Melbourne home.

The close of the financial year saw the average price of a home was $560,000 with a registered growth of 10.2% again. Property is selling in record time frames from the moment they are on the market to completion and this months auction records show a 70% clearance already. Here at Pierre Finance we can help you live your Melbourne dream or simply contact us for any financial service.

It’s great that Australia took some top 10 spots, Sydney came in at 7th and Perth came in at 8th. Their seemed to be a similarity among the top liveable cities such as  being medium sized, no excessive infrastructure, not over populated, low level crime and offering a balanced range of recreational areas and activities. All the top ten cities were either in Australia or Canada which proves our wealth.

There were 5 categories under assessment to achieve the results they included, healthcare, environment, culture, infrastructure and education. These were all scored by measuring the quality and quantity in the 30 different factors in all areas.

The factors were given scores based on whether they were undesirable, restricted living, tolerable, highly acceptable and comfortable.

The cities that scored 80 to 100 had a good standard of living appeal and those that were very restricted scored 50 or less.

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