Make your Rental Property more Attractive!

It is a very competitive market so here are some tips on how to make your rental property more attractive. As property prices rise many people are choosing to rent rather than buy. As a result it is imperative that investment properties are filled quickly. In order to ensure yours is rented out it must be more appealing to the renter/s. There are a few important facts that can make yours more attractive, and also a few general tips.

Location Location

Just like buyers, renters also have location on the top of their list. Your property could be very well turned out decor wise but location will win. Renters will look at how far the property is from schools, shops, local transport and links, cafes, and restaurants. Even though properties in great locations are more expensive renters will still go for local amenities over price. Having conveniences close by will get renters to pay more, as they see this as a saving in the long run. Having to drive everywhere is off putting.

If your tenant does have to drive a little further to work or school etc off street parking is a top of the list feature. It goes without saying that outdoor space is very important, so spruce up your garden or terrace and space is a must, so try to re-arrange it so the final result is a generous area to hang out.

Storage Space

People love to move into a property where they can simply put their possessions away and organise their items easily. Fitted wardrobes, basements, garages, loft and attractive cupboards are very high on the list. Renters don’t enjoy trying to fit into a home. They generally will not want to pay for alterations or cupboards so it may be worth making the changes before advertising.

Pet Friendly

By advertising your property as pet friendly you may well pip your competition to the post. It is a fact that around 64% of Australians own a pet, so working out the math that is around 25 million pets. Still, many property owners do not allow renters with pets. An idea would be to include some kind of damage clause in the rental agreement and maybe an additional deposit if they have a young or large dog for example.

If you are thinking of purchasing a rental investment or even looking for any kind of personal loan we can offer you very competitive rates alongside excellent customer service.

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