Lending on the Rise!

Despite the news saying our economy is weak, lending is on the rise, especially in the property market. It may be a slow one but it is there. Life can be tough whether you are juggling re-payments on a mortgage or trying to save up for an investment and improve your financial position. In this ambiance of a financial crisis Australians are still determined to own a home whether it’s the first or second.

Last February statistics on home owners grew by a moderate 1%, of which were mainly investors, but this still shows positivity is in the air. The HIA (Housing Industry Association) stated that home investment loans are still 9.9% higher than this time last year despite a drop of around 3%.

New builds seem to be in favour with a whopping 5.4% increase in February but investors still favour some more established properties. At the end of the day an investment loan is a loan and the home ownership stats are up which is great. The good thing also is that this kick starts the construction industry into sprint mode.

A positive outlook all round really as these results prove household lending is relatively healthy. Home finance is steady and personal loans for whatever reason are also following suit as the market is so competitive. Confidence in the finance industry has certainly improved as Australians are no longer scared to gain financial help for financial gain.

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