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How to Find the Best Property Hot Spots

How to find the best property hotspots is challenging but well worth the effort, especially once you learn what to look for! Investing well is a sure fire way for you to make a profit in the long term. At Pierre Finance we constantly research areas so we know in advance where to recommend when you come to us for your property loan.

We know that usually a property decision can take a while so a hotspot list must be updated or you will buy after the peak. The timing is imperative if you want to see a property value rise quickly. Avoid areas that are quite far from major towns and cities as these usually don’t yield well even though they may seem cheap. Don’t miss the boat. If a hotspot doesn’t seem that popular it may be that your are ahead of the game.

See below for our top tips on how to invest in the next boom!

Don’t be put off by the competition! It is fierce but there are ways to be in the running.

Look specifically for areas that are going through urban renewal. Changes to the suburban areas and landscaping can often be seen in an area that has a usual bad reputation. Look into the sales prices over the last couple of years. Always look into the demographics and if you see an increase in younger residents with good careers then this shows an area going under gentrification.

Check out areas that have new large infrastructure plans as this means jobs which subsequently means housing needs. New shopping centres, supermarkets and retail outlets will automatically kick off a supply and demand ratio. Also areas where homes are being refurbished and new developments can spark off a race for investors. There is never a perfect property investment market but there is always a deal in any market to be found with the right knowledge and insight.

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