Blue House

Going Green

Last Sunday saw the 14th Sustainable House Day in Australia. Going green has never been so popular which is why Australia hosts this remarkable day to give you all tips and inspiration. A loan from Pierre Finance can save you energy and money in the long term. The benefits of an energy efficient home and way of living can save you a considerable amount of money per year. Some of Australia’s most stunning and Eco-Friendly properties were on display, so lets have a look at 2 of the highest rating.

It’s no surprise this beautiful Tree House has won awards. Surrounded by lots of greenery just adds to the clever modifications that have earned it’s top spot and the budget was very modest.

The constructors used thermally broken insulation including double glazing and a hydronic heating system for the cooler climes. To capture the excess rain water there are 4 20k litre tanks underneath the garage and providing the house with electric is a 2.5 Kw PV installation. The solar power has a gas booster for hot water and heating and wherever possible it provides water for the suspended pool.

The cladding on the house is a mix of Colorbond steel, weatherboards and Weathertex. Everything used are natural bamboo, FSC, recycled and all the paint is either low VOC or at zero level. So even the outside of the house is impressive in sustainable terms. An good energy rating of 7.4.

The Blue House was a new build property back in 2012 with designs for a family with young children. This modest 3 bedroom property is all about light, ventilation, containing heat in the cooler months and shade for the hotter ones. The footprint of the property has landscaping designed to reduce rain water escapes, the floors and walls retain heat in the winter and with a little shading stay cool in the heat of the summer.

The concrete and bricks are totally recycled, the paint is low VOC, and the carpets are 100% wool. Solar panels take care of the heating and hot water, and energy is monitored by using energy efficient appliances, low energy lighting and draft proofing. Again a water storage tank built underground can hold 22.500 litres. A good rating for this property at 7.3.

I hope I have inspired you to look into different ways of saving energy, and remember you will also save on living costs.

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