Equipment Finance

This month I want to remind you about our equipment finance no matter what industry you might be in.

Mining and construction are big in Australia so we have devoted experienced professionals from within our finance company that only focus on this loan section. According to a report from IBISWorld towards the end of this year and going into 1016 we will see an increase in revenues of around 7.1% which is forecast to reach 8.4% by 2016 and 2017. This is a great recovery prediction after the last 2 years fall.

Rail, road engineering and construction are expected to improve by 2016 with some major transport projects planned by the Government. Construction of apartments and other developments are also on the increase whereas telecommunications will stay  pretty much on the level it is now.

Construction in the mid markets is showing a healthy contribution to the Australian economy. Our equipment finance  as helped many small and medium enterprises start up and grow. At Pierre Finance our equipment finance team are industry professionals who are here to assist you in the right decisions based on your income and budget.

We have assisted companies that need:

Lifting Equipment

Earthmoving machinery




Crushing machines

Screening equipment

Graders and scrapers


Mining and construction machinery

Excavation equipment

and more.

Take advantage of our low rates and avoid using your hard earned capital to invest in your future. We know that selecting the right loan is crucial to the growth of your company or business. By forging solid relationships with us you will have a our support long term

It doesn’t matter how big or small your company is we can offer you the very best of what is out there in terms of loan and repayments.

Don’t hesitate to contact our team for any advice here.

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