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Affordable Winter Property

Ever dreamed of owning your own winter retreat? Thanks to the current economic climate affordable winter property is in abundance. At Pierre Finance we are here to help you realise your dreams. One of the best times to vacation in Australia is in the winter. This could also mean a wise investment. Skiing is a sport for all the family so investing in an alpine home could be a wise move both for yourself and for potential rental prospects. So from June through to August there’s plenty of potential for renting out a ski home.

So where to look! Australia has some awesome ski resorts, so I’ve listed the best below.

Thredbo has the best slopes and is conveniently located between Melbourne and Sydney. It’s popular among foreigners and also domestic enthusiasts. This stunning resort offers excitement on the more advanced slopes while it does have calmer slopes for those not so brave or skilled. The nightlife on offer is vibrant and lively, so it’s not a place for those wanting a quieter ski holiday.

Falls Creek

Famous for being home to Australia’s National Cross Country Ski Team puts this firmly high on the list. This idyllic resort offers stunning countryside with some of the best slopes. Also well known for hosting International and Australian national competitions.

Mt Buller

This the easiest resort to access by road in the whole of Australia. It is only 3 hours away from Melbourne, so it’s ideal for visitors. These slopes cover a massive area of 9 km and according to my skiing and boarding friends it’s popular with adrenaline junkies. Some of the trails are also made for cross country experts and beginners. There’s some great discounts to be found here for students, so bare that in mind if you look for a property here.

Mt Hotham

Hotham is said to have the most natural snow in Victoria and has gained the nickname of the ‘Powder Capital’. Ideal for learners as the powdery easy slopes offer great skill building opportunities. For the more experienced Hotham also has plenty of steep runs.

Mt Perisher

This is the largest out of the above standing at 2000m. As it’s located in Kosciuszko National Park it can be reached by road, shuttles and helicopter.

So according to my skiing and boarding friends these are your skiing hotpots to check out properties to enjoy and also for holiday rental purposes.

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