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How to Find the Best Property Hot Spots

How to find the best property hotspots is challenging but well worth the effort, especially once you learn what to look for! Investing well is a sure fire way for you to make a profit in the long term. At Pierre Finance we constantly research areas so we know in advance where to recommend when you come to us for your property loan.

We know that usually a property decision can take a while so a hotspot list must be updated or you will buy after the peak. The timing is imperative if you want to see a property value rise quickly. Avoid areas that are quite far from major towns and cities as these usually don’t yield well even though they may seem cheap. Don’t miss the boat. If a hotspot doesn’t seem that popular it may be that your are ahead of the game.

See below for our top tips on how to invest in the next boom!

Don’t be put off by the competition! It is fierce but there are ways to be in the running.

Look specifically for areas that are going through urban renewal. Changes to the suburban areas and landscaping can often be seen in an area that has a usual bad reputation. Look into the sales prices over the last couple of years. Always look into the demographics and if you see an increase in younger residents with good careers then this shows an area going under gentrification.

Check out areas that have new large infrastructure plans as this means jobs which subsequently means housing needs. New shopping centres, supermarkets and retail outlets will automatically kick off a supply and demand ratio. Also areas where homes are being refurbished and new developments can spark off a race for investors. There is never a perfect property investment market but there is always a deal in any market to be found with the right knowledge and insight.

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Focus ST

New Car Release News Australia

Thinking of buying a new car or swapping your old one? See below for the latest new car release news Australia 2015.


The ever popular German cars are forever evolving. Around now there is a BMW 2 series soft top on the forecourts and also a new BMW 6 series and M6 coming soon. The soft top features a powered roof and a cabin style design inside very similar to the Coupe. A must for those who like to pose and are into their cars.

All models will be available in a variety of engine capacities and either petrol or diesel.


It is going to be an exciting year for Ford during 2015 as the brand gets well established as an imported favourite. The new Ford Mondeo due out this month is sleek and stylish and also a contender against the usual favourable Toyota Camry. This medium sized car is ideal for a family or business car. Ford promises the diesel models will be more efficient than the Toyota rival which will put it ahead. Next month see’s the arrival of the Ford Focus ST from Europe which is the new hatch back model promising to be a favourite among the younger driver. An ideal car for those new out on the road and also a looker. The new grey 18ins wheels add a sleek finish to the outside face lift and the latest Ford synced infotainment system makes this a really cool car.


For all you Jeep lovers the Grand Cherokee will have along awaited refurbishment inside to rival against other family sized 4 wheeler’s. The best model is the Renegade which is a compact Suv Dad’s will be queuing up for. This US brand goes up to fight against the popular Mazda CX-3 and the Honda HR-V. It will be interesting to see the figures at the end of 2015!

Something for everyone there. Car loans are a walk in the park at Pierre Finance.

Whether you are upgrading and going for a pre-loved car or prefer to buy brand new, we promise to achieve lowers rates and re-payment plans that are suited to your financial situation. Insurances are also another of our speciality. Call our friendly team for a chat about our products here with no obligation.

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2 Top Cruisers on the Market

Dreaming of owning your first cruiser or looking for a new model? Below I’ve researched 2 top cruisers on the market this month. Boat loans are just one of our many financial lending specialities, so it doesn’t have to be a dream!

Galeon 300 Fly

Galeon yachts 300 fly is a great flybridge cruiser with a v-shaped hull and at 10.3 metres is a comfortable size. Even at 10.3 metres it’s not out there with the big boys but it does accommodate 8 people. This pocket rocket features a stunning interior that has become a focal point of this brand. This Polish built cruiser is proving a hit in the marine world. The deck and hull are manufactured using infusion technology which assists fuel consumption and performance by minimising the weight.

The beautiful exterior follows on from the 3rd series of Galeon yachts with big windows and edgy modern features. The top deck has built in extra wide steps for easy access and the steering station turns into a sundeck. This well planned cockpit will be greatly used by it’s passengers thanks to the fold out seating and fixed bench. Prices are around $276,000, read more here.


This cruiser is for experienced owners and passengers who want to feel the wind and spray on their face, and thoroughly experience life on the ocean waves. The Belize 54 DAYBRIDGE cruiser at 16.5 metres long is a design flashback.

Being slightly technical this boat is designed for modern day off shore cruising as its warped-plane hull was designed with specifications for a pair of  Zeus Pod Drives. This brand new classic made in Australia has 1200 HP. It has 6 berths and 3 cabins, 2, hot and cold showers and 2 toilets. It’s semi custom made so you can change certain aspects should you wish.  Prices are around $1,739,000!

At Pierre Finance we thoroughly research every financial option available to ensure you get the best deal! Contact us today for a free consultation.

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Make your Rental Property more Attractive!

It is a very competitive market so here are some tips on how to make your rental property more attractive. As property prices rise many people are choosing to rent rather than buy. As a result it is imperative that investment properties are filled quickly. In order to ensure yours is rented out it must be more appealing to the renter/s. There are a few important facts that can make yours more attractive, and also a few general tips.

Location Location

Just like buyers, renters also have location on the top of their list. Your property could be very well turned out decor wise but location will win. Renters will look at how far the property is from schools, shops, local transport and links, cafes, and restaurants. Even though properties in great locations are more expensive renters will still go for local amenities over price. Having conveniences close by will get renters to pay more, as they see this as a saving in the long run. Having to drive everywhere is off putting.

If your tenant does have to drive a little further to work or school etc off street parking is a top of the list feature. It goes without saying that outdoor space is very important, so spruce up your garden or terrace and space is a must, so try to re-arrange it so the final result is a generous area to hang out.

Storage Space

People love to move into a property where they can simply put their possessions away and organise their items easily. Fitted wardrobes, basements, garages, loft and attractive cupboards are very high on the list. Renters don’t enjoy trying to fit into a home. They generally will not want to pay for alterations or cupboards so it may be worth making the changes before advertising.

Pet Friendly

By advertising your property as pet friendly you may well pip your competition to the post. It is a fact that around 64% of Australians own a pet, so working out the math that is around 25 million pets. Still, many property owners do not allow renters with pets. An idea would be to include some kind of damage clause in the rental agreement and maybe an additional deposit if they have a young or large dog for example.

If you are thinking of purchasing a rental investment or even looking for any kind of personal loan we can offer you very competitive rates alongside excellent customer service.

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RBA: Media Release – Cash Rate unchanged at 2.25%

Number 2015-03
Date 3 March 2015
Embargo For Immediate Release

Statement by Glenn Stevens, Governor: Monetary Policy Decision

At its meeting today, the Board decided to leave the cash rate unchanged at 2.25 per cent.

Growth in the global economy continued at a moderate pace in 2014. A similar performance is expected by most observers in 2015, with the US economy continuing to strengthen, even as China’s growth slows a little from last year’s outcome.

Commodity prices have declined over the past year, in some cases sharply. The price of oil in particular has fallen significantly. These trends appear to reflect a combination of lower growth in demand and, more importantly, significant increases in supply. The much lower levels of energy prices will act to strengthen global output and temporarily to lower CPI inflation rates.

Financial conditions are very accommodative globally, with long-term borrowing rates for several major sovereigns at all-time lows over recent months. Some risk spreads have widened a little but overall financing costs for creditworthy borrowers remain remarkably low.

In Australia the available information suggests that growth is continuing at a below-trend pace, with domestic demand growth overall quite weak. As a result, the unemployment rate has gradually moved higher over the past year. The economy is likely to be operating with a degree of spare capacity for some time yet. With growth in labour costs subdued, it appears likely that inflation will remain consistent with the target over the next one to two years, even with a lower exchange rate.

Credit is recording moderate growth overall, with stronger growth in lending to investors in housing assets. Dwelling prices continue to rise strongly in Sydney, though trends have been more varied in a number of other cities over recent months. The Bank is working with other regulators to assess and contain risks that may arise from the housing market. In other asset markets, prices for equities and commercial property have risen, in part as a result of declining long-term interest rates.

The Australian dollar has declined noticeably against a rising US dollar, though less so against a basket of currencies. It remains above most estimates of its fundamental value, particularly given the significant declines in key commodity prices. A lower exchange rate is likely to be needed to achieve balanced growth in the economy.

At today’s meeting the Board judged that, having eased monetary policy at the previous meeting, it was appropriate to hold interest rates steady for the time being. Further easing of policy may be appropriate over the period ahead, in order to foster sustainable growth in demand and inflation consistent with the target. The Board will further assess the case for such action at forthcoming meetings.