Blue House

Going Green

Last Sunday saw the 14th Sustainable House Day in Australia. Going green has never been so popular which is why Australia hosts this remarkable day to give you all tips and inspiration. A loan from Pierre Finance can save you energy and money in the long term. The benefits of an energy efficient home and way of living can save you a considerable amount of money per year. Some of Australia’s most stunning and Eco-Friendly properties were on display, so lets have a look at 2 of the highest rating.

It’s no surprise this beautiful Tree House has won awards. Surrounded by lots of greenery just adds to the clever modifications that have earned it’s top spot and the budget was very modest.

The constructors used thermally broken insulation including double glazing and a hydronic heating system for the cooler climes. To capture the excess rain water there are 4 20k litre tanks underneath the garage and providing the house with electric is a 2.5 Kw PV installation. The solar power has a gas booster for hot water and heating and wherever possible it provides water for the suspended pool.

The cladding on the house is a mix of Colorbond steel, weatherboards and Weathertex. Everything used are natural bamboo, FSC, recycled and all the paint is either low VOC or at zero level. So even the outside of the house is impressive in sustainable terms. An good energy rating of 7.4.

The Blue House was a new build property back in 2012 with designs for a family with young children. This modest 3 bedroom property is all about light, ventilation, containing heat in the cooler months and shade for the hotter ones. The footprint of the property has landscaping designed to reduce rain water escapes, the floors and walls retain heat in the winter and with a little shading stay cool in the heat of the summer.

The concrete and bricks are totally recycled, the paint is low VOC, and the carpets are 100% wool. Solar panels take care of the heating and hot water, and energy is monitored by using energy efficient appliances, low energy lighting and draft proofing. Again a water storage tank built underground can hold 22.500 litres. A good rating for this property at 7.3.

I hope I have inspired you to look into different ways of saving energy, and remember you will also save on living costs.

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Auction image

Important Auction Results

If you are a first time buyer, moving home or thinking of putting your home up for sale it is very important auction results that could influence your decisions. Studying these results will give you the insight into the value of properties and the current markets. Here at Pierre Finance we are always researching the market so we can offer you the best advice and guidance for when the time is right for you to get that home loan.

Whether you are buying, investing or simply checking out the value of your current home keeping up to date after a weekend of auctions and performance is a clear cut way to gauge the market. Each suburb has it’s own unique performance results which is essential for anyone who wants to research the property market.

You need to study the amount of properties that sell before the auction, during and after. Also how many auctions in each state and the clearance rates and those that didn’t sell. All this data is relevant to your decisions. It is good to know what the house down the street sold for, and also where people are investing. It does take a bit of time but once you get in the habit you can keep a results and performance document so you can easily see the patterns emerging.

Here are some examples of the information you can easily retrieve.

  • In Queensland there were 129 property auctions this weekend with a clearance rate of 51%.
  • 10 properties sold before the auction, 32 sold at auction
  • 35 passed in
  • 6 were withdrawn
  • 0 sold after the auction

Each individual property, town and street number will be listed.

So, in Alderly number 30 Kate Street, a house with 4 bedrooms sold before the auction at $732,500.

In New South Wales there was a total of 995 auctions with a 78% clearance rate,

  • 181 sold before the auction and 473 at auction
  • 138 passed in
  • 48 withdrew
  • 5 were sold after

In Abbotsford suburb a 2 bed unit was sold for $760,000 prior to auction.

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Boat Lovers Dream

If you are into your boats then look no further than the affordable Dehler 38, a boat lovers dream. This mix of contemporary design with splashes of art deco shows how creative and unique the design is from Vroliijk and Judel. Whether you are into cruising, racing or simply enjoy yacht life with family and friends this new generation of Dehler really are something innovative and special.

At Pierre Finance we are here to make your dreams happen. This affordable beauty is on the market for $355,000 which is not bad for such a good looking, well designed yacht. With the right finance in place we make sure your in budget and not out of your depth. Our service is based on the non stressed finance options.

The deck design has clean lines whatever lay out you choose. The fact that you can choose the layout to suit your sailing style and needs is an important added bonus. The steering is a comfortable, short handed twin wheel system and also accompanied by 6 winches and Harken deck gear. Experienced sailors will appreciate the responsive handling of this well balanced, stable yet lightweight yacht, with it’s dream helm, making it a serious racing contender.

The main features:

  • Choose from custom materials for the inside
  • Large fully equipped bathroom
  • Extensive side windows for great visibility
  • Spacious open plan cockpit
  • Brand new hull
  • Contemporary, clean cut deck design
  • Layout options for 2 or 3 cabins

The whole package is here for those seriously looking for a 38 foot cool performer. With this yacht you will be the envy of many a seasoned sailor as it will cause interest in any harbour moored up or out on the water doing it’s stuff. Dehler really have put in some serious passion with this latest head turner design.


  • It weighs a standard 7 tonnes
  • Upwind sale is 79.3 square metres
  • The engine is a Volvo Penta 30
  • Optional 300l water tank
  • 160l fuel tank
  • 3.75m beam
  • 2/2.3/1,6m draft

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Melbourne City

Melbourne is on the Top Spot

Melbourne is on the top spot for living as out of 140 cities worldwide it has been renamed the worlds best city to live in. It was an almost perfect score according to the Economist Intelligence Unit Global Liveability Index. The score was an impressive 97.5% only just beating Vienna by a mere 0.1%. Adelaide was also up there in 5th with a 96.6% result.

It’s no surprise that Melbourne is in the top spot with its great restaurant and bar scene, the hip lanes areas, the abundance of art and culture, and it is chosen to host major sports and other important events. The booming property market has also helped it’s popularity as more and more people want to call Melbourne home.

The close of the financial year saw the average price of a home was $560,000 with a registered growth of 10.2% again. Property is selling in record time frames from the moment they are on the market to completion and this months auction records show a 70% clearance already. Here at Pierre Finance we can help you live your Melbourne dream or simply contact us for any financial service.

It’s great that Australia took some top 10 spots, Sydney came in at 7th and Perth came in at 8th. Their seemed to be a similarity among the top liveable cities such as  being medium sized, no excessive infrastructure, not over populated, low level crime and offering a balanced range of recreational areas and activities. All the top ten cities were either in Australia or Canada which proves our wealth.

There were 5 categories under assessment to achieve the results they included, healthcare, environment, culture, infrastructure and education. These were all scored by measuring the quality and quantity in the 30 different factors in all areas.

The factors were given scores based on whether they were undesirable, restricted living, tolerable, highly acceptable and comfortable.

The cities that scored 80 to 100 had a good standard of living appeal and those that were very restricted scored 50 or less.

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Couple moving in new house

Top Tips for Moving House

Since moving house is such a busy time things can be forgotten so here’s our top tips for moving day. 

1. Firstly you should put together a first night pack. This should consist of toiletries, toilet paper, clean set of clothes, night clothes, towels, tea, coffee, milk and water. After your move the last thing you want to do is hunt through all your boxes for your essentials. This can really make a massive difference to stress levels. Also treat yourselves to a takeaway so you don’t have to worry about shopping, just turn on the fridge and relax.

2. Organising your electric and water in advance can save you so much hassle. It is a simple process to do by phone call. Just give them the dates of the changeover for both properties, identification and contact details. This will ensure that you are not over charged and vice versa for the people moving out of your new home.

3. It is equally as important to organise your insurance company to make sure you are covered during your move. The insurance for your previous home should be cancelled the day after the move and the new one should start the day before ideally. At Pierre Finance we have your assets covered as we use a great panel of companies to make sure we get the best quote.

4. As moving is one of if not the most stressful thing in life have a spare set of keys cut before the event. The amount of times I have heard people loosing their keys on moving day is incredible.  There’s so much going on that it is easy to do. Keep a spare set with friends or family just in case.

5. A great tip is to organise the kids and pets to stay with friends or family. You don’t want to have to worry about them and this will help with a smooth transition for them also. Stress free all round is the key here.

The friendly, professional team at Pierre Finance are only a call away to help with all your financial needs.

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Skoda Fabia

Top Safety Cars

As specialists in car loans we like to find out the top safety cars on a regular basis. 

WHAT price do you pay for your safety in your car?

As parents we get to pick and choose what we drive but our younger drivers tend to end up with older and cheaper models that have been either passed down or simply picked up cheap. The problem is with older models they are not equipped as safely as newer types. Our concern is that so many of our young drivers just want to get out on the road and don’t really look into the car’s safety they are driving.

The Australasian New Car Assessment Program now gives cars a star safety rating. But this has brought about worrying news as if cars have a 3 stars or less and the car is involved in an accident the chances of fatalities or serious injuries is higher. The really bad news is that research shows that our young drivers are among the highest in accident statistics. The same types of cars seem to be involved in road fatalities also.

The problem is that some old cars seem to be cool to our young drivers, something we have to over rule. However the good news is that it is not that expensive to buy a safe car with a 5 star rating. Some older cars still carry the 5 stars, it’s just a matter of doing the research.

It is always worth having a car checked out thoroughly before buying it. Has it been in an accident? Check the official star rating. Always buy cars with airbags and electronic stability control as this is essential should the car be involved in a skid and the driver looses control, and anti lock brakes are an added bonus.

The best cars for safety at the moment are the Skoda Fabia, Grand Cherokee, and the Nissan Navara.

It’s always best to check with ANCAP direct.

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